Stitch Fix #6

It has been longer than normal, I know! I apologize, but I have freshened up my look and have been working hard on some new things! Stay tuned for that! 😉

I had to extend my monthly box this time, due to other reasons but it’s finally here! I have to admit that I didn’t specify too much on this box but I pinned the shit out of spring styles and sleeveless tops! I was so anxious for this box! My friend and I look forward to our boxes every month and this time we peeked at each others! It was a fun twist knowing we knew what each other got but also trying to have a poker face and not giving anything away! After seeing her face and her reaction about my box, I couldn’t wait to rush home and open it!! 🙂 Let’s just say this was my MOST FAVORITE BOX, yet!

Stitch Fix 6
Hey Lou! 😉

Before we hop into my 6th box from Stitch Fix, let me tell you what it actually is!

It’s the coolest thing ever!  For those of you who are too busy to shop, hate shopping, or are looking for a new style, like myself,  this may be something for you!

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  You pay a $20 styling fee upfront for a stylist to personally style for you.  I know I said “personal” a lot, because… it is!  Every box is full of 5 items that are picked just for you!  Getting started, you fill out a descriptive style profile that really gets to know you.  Bonus, you can even add your Pinterest board to your profile and your stylist can browse your favorites! 😉  When your box comes, its literally like Christmas!  It’s super exciting!  Inside, everything is nicely wrapped up for you!  It comes with 5 style cards, 1 for each item, with 2 different looks to try.  Also a, sometimes dreadful, price sheet.  My favorite part of the price sheet?! The “Buy 5 Discount”!  Average price for items is $55, which can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for!  You have 3 days to try everything on and decide what you would like to keep.  You sign into your profile online and fill out a quick checkout.  Here is where you can say if you love an item or hate it!  You can also type in a quick description of what you loved/hated about it!  Another awesome thing?!  You’re $20 styling fee?  It doesn’t go to waste!  That will be put toward your purchase, as well!  If you do have items you would like to return, they provide you with a prepaid envelope so all you need to do is throw the items in there and drop it off at the post office!  Super easy!

They also have a referral program!  For every person you refer your link to, Stitch Fix gives you a $25 credit for every referral.  So why not give it a try?!  Try it once, and go from there! 😉

Here is my referral link if you choose to hop on the fashion wagon! 😉

Just click here to step out of the box and try new things! 😉

Stitch Fix Stylist Note

I just love Caley and her notes! So happy she is sticking with me! 😉



BC Footwear: Dinky Fringe Sandal (Mint)- $60

I am OBSESSED with fringe but I am always too afraid I can’t pull it off! These sandals are beyond perfect! I LOVED them the second I pulled them out of the bag!

Dinky Fringe Sandal

Dinky Fringe Sandal  (Mint)

How about the color?! I love them so much! I’m keepin em! 😉

Liverpool: Navarra Printed Front Seam Cotton Top- $54

I pinned this top. I pinned it knowing I liked the look but it was WAY out of the box for me. It has sort of a western feel to it but I think the pin I pinned wasn’t what I pulled out of the box. I guess it looked more elegant. I don’t know! LOL

I wasn’t sure I liked it when I pulled it out but the second I put it on I loved it! It really will be perfect for the summer (Thanks, Caley!). It’s a bit too long in the back, which you can’t tell in this picture. Luckily for me, my mom can save that! If you haven’t read about her business and all the amazing things she does, check it out here!

Navarra Printed Front Seam Cotton Top (White)

Like I said, its a bit western but I think that’s what makes the top! The material is perfect! White freaks me out a little because, well, I am terrible with white clothing. I am going out on a limb and keeping it anyway! Mother Nature needs to get her shit together so I can wear it! 😉

Stacatto: Madelene Raglan Roll Sleeve Knit Top- $48

This is a little less Spring but with the weather, it works! It reminds me of some other tops I have gotten already but I could wear these tops every day! They are SO comfy! I love the fit as well!

The length in the back is longer also which I think would make a cute comfy outfit paired with leggings! Or as I would say “leggins” 😉

Madelene Raglan Roll Sleeve Top (Grey)

Madelene Raglan Roll Sleeve Top

I always love the extra details on the tops! They add a little pop to the shirts! This is just proof that black and brown DO go together! 😉

Dear John: Lillie Cuffed Short- $58

Honestly, I am at my biggest right now. When I pulled these shorts out of the box, I wanted to cry and use them as a tissue! I PRAYED they would be too big. Unfortunately, they fit perfect. And I LOVEEEEE them! They have a bit of stretch to them which is super nice and I hate to admit this also, but they have a bit of a high waist to them. I can tuck my “mom pooch” in them! LOL

Lillie Cuffed Short (Blue)

Lillie Cuffed Short

LOVE them! I wish I could have a few pairs of these! They’re longer than I normally wear but these are perfect!

Now, onto my FAVORITE piece of this fix!

Collective Concepts- Hajar Off the Shoulder Top (Navy)- $54

I can’t say I love this top enough! Off the shoulder tops, fringe, floral, and boho are my things and I cannot wait to wear this, besides in the pic! 😉

Hajar Off the Shoulder Top  (Navy)

Do you love it as much as I do?!?! Wait… it gets better! 😉

Hajar Off the Shoulder Top (Closeup)

And… This outfit will be my favorite outfit of the summer! I recently scored myself a pair of Ked’s at TJ MAXX for $24!

Hajar Off the Shoulder Top (Navy)

I don’t know about you but I think it’s the cutest outfit, EVER! 🙂 It goes perfectly with the Lillie Cuffed Shorts! 🙂

Merchandise Total: $274.00 Buy 5 Discount: $68.50 Styling Fee Credit: $20.00

Total: $185.50

I am keeping this whole box! I think Caley is really starting to get me and I better save if she is going to keep giving me these kinds of boxes! 😉

I want to shout out to the ones who have used my referral link and one’s who are patiently waiting for their shipments! I can’t wait to hear and see what you get!

If you want to receive referrals too and get $25 credit for every person that schedules a shipment, Click Here to sign up. Blast your referral link and you will be on your way to huge discounts, or even looking at it as “free” clothes! 😉

Stitch Fix (Box 6)

I would love to hear your feedback on my 6th Fix! 🙂 If you like my style and want to see what I pin for my stylist, go follow my Fashion Board and find out!

Until next time, Friends! 🙂



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