Stitch Fix #5

Have you all been dying for this Fix as much as I was?!? I feel like this past month went by SO slow! Well, wait no further! 😉 Here it is!

Also, side note, this Fix was probably my worst one. NOT the clothes but the timing of the shipment and our schedules. This is when that 3 day window can totally suck! My wife is on 12 hour shifts, so therefore, doesn’t get home until almost 7pm. Ok? So, what does that have anything to do with your Fix? Well… day light! Our lights aren’t the best in our house so when it’s dark out, forget taking decent pictures. So, just bare with me on the photo quality! 😉

Before we hop into my 5th box from Stitch Fix, let me tell you what it actually is!

It’s the coolest thing ever!  For those of you who are too busy to shop, hate shopping, or are looking for a new style, like myself,  this may be something for you!

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  You pay a $20 styling fee upfront for a stylist to personally style for you.  I know I said “personal” a lot, because… it is!  Every box is full of 5 items that are picked just for you!  Getting started, you fill out a descriptive style profile that really gets to know you.  Bonus, you can even add your Pinterest board to your profile and your stylist can browse your favorites! 😉  When your box comes, its literally like Christmas!  It’s super exciting!  Inside, everything is nicely wrapped up for you!  It comes with 5 style cards, 1 for each item, with 2 different looks to try.  Also a, sometimes dreadful, price sheet.  My favorite part of the price sheet?! The “Buy 5 Discount”!  Average price for items is $55, which can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for!  You have 3 days to try everything on and decide what you would like to keep.  You sign into your profile online and fill out a quick checkout.  Here is where you can say if you love an item or hate it!  You can also type in a quick description of what you loved/hated about it!  Another awesome thing?!  You’re $20 styling fee?  It doesn’t go to waste!  That will be put toward your purchase, as well!  If you do have items you would like to return, they provide you with a prepaid envelope so all you need to do is throw the items in there and drop it off at the post office!  Super easy!

They also have a referral program!  For every person you refer your link to, Stitch Fix gives you a $25 credit for every referral.  So why not give it a try?!  Try it once, and go from there! 😉

Here is my referral link if you choose to hop on the fashion wagon! 😉

Just click here to step out of the box and try new things! 😉


41 Hawthorne: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse- $48

I loved everything about this blouse, except the fit. I was sent a Medium. If you read my Stitch Fix #4, you will see why I was frustrated with the size.


41 Hawthorne: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse (Dark Green)


Btw, the static was unreal! My wife and I, literally, rubbed a dryer sheet all over me before taking these pictures! LOL #thestruggleisreal

41 Hawthorne: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse (Dark Green)
41 Hawthorne: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse (Dark Green)

As you can see from the back, I’m super broad! After seeing the back of it, that was my deciding factor in sending it back! I would love to have this type of blouse for work or other engagements but I feel I should have a bigger size. Whether it looks good or not, I need to be comfortable.

Market & Spruce: Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee- $44

I love this tee! I am into loose fitting tops and this was absolutely perfect to add to my closet! The feel is so soft, too!

Market & Spruce: Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (Light Grey)
Market & Spruce: Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (Light Grey)

After pairing how I would normally wear it, I decided to see how it would look if I wanted to dress it up a little! So, paired with black heels and a black blazer…

Market & Spruce: Same Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (Light Grey)

I think it works! Maybe even paired with a pretty scarf or some added jewelry! What do you think?! 🙂

Paradigma: Gwenifer Kimono- $54

I wanted a Kimono SO badly and, I guess, after pinning TONS of them, Caley found one and sent it! I am in love with this and, although it’s not just for summer, I still can’t wait!

Paradigma: Gwenifer Kimono (White)

Isn’t it SO pretty?!?!

Again, by this time taking pictures in terrible light got the best of me. I only did one outfit change with this. 😦

Paradigma: Gwenifer Kimono (White)

I love this though and, obviously, kept it! I wanted a Kimono in a floral pattern! So excited about it! 🙂

 Eden Society: Elodie Short- $54

These shorts. Ugh. My favorite color is yellow and I am a HUGE fan of mustard BUT, these shorts just aren’t for me. When I pulled them out of the box, I immediately laughed. I’m 30 but sometimes, I refuse to dress like I’m 30. I feel these shorts were too “old lady” for me. I only took one picture because I was so disgusted at the color and the fit.


I didn’t even get a picture of the front of them! I just couldn’t wait to put them in the bag to send back. I was so checked out.

Eden Soceity: Elodie Short (Mustard)

Caley suggested to pair them with the Hi-Lo Tee & Kimono from this fix. It’s a good thing I cut off my head because I’m pretty sure it was a look of “EW!”. They were too tight around my mid-section and came up to my belly button. I felt all my “mom fat” came out over the top. Ya know, like, A MUFFIN! Not happening! The color just wasn’t flattering for me because I’m so pale. Also, I prefer shorter shorts and these just weren’t the fit for me.

Moving on…

Pixley: Kiata Embroidered Lace Collarless Jacket- $88

When I saw my styling card and this jacket was on there, I shouted “YAYYYY!”. I pinned this jacket and SO wanted it. Although, the style card picture (which is what I pinned) is very deceiving. I intended it to have lace at the top and a solid black jacket. Not the case…

Pixley- Kiata Embroidered Lace Collarless Jacket (Black)
Pixley- Kiata Embroidered Lace Collarless Jacket (Black)

It’s completely see-through! My intentions were to just send it back because that’s not what I had in my head but I decided to try it anyway. At the time I opened my Fix, I was wearing a flowy white tee. I threw it on over top of it just to see if I could get it on because, again, I got send a Medium. It was ugly with the white tee.

Pixley: Kiata Embroidered Lace Collarless Jacket (Black)

I love this look here! It would look cute with capris & shorts, as well. The only thing that I didn’t like was the price. $88 is just plain ridiculous! After reviewing my whole Fix and knowing I was sending, at least, 2 items back, I knew my discount was gone.

Merchandise Total: $288.00 (Yikes!!) Buy 5 Discount: -$72. Styling Fee Credit: -$20. Credit from my awesome referrals- $30

Total: $166.00

After doing the math, it was stupid to keep the whole box JUST for the price. I wouldn’t even wear 1 item. But wanting to keep the other 3 was $20 more than the whole box. I regret my decision but pray the jacket will come back to me again, I sent 3/5 items back. Keeping the Tee & Kimono, I only spent $48. Getting referrals really pays off!

If you want to get referrals too, Click Here to sign up. Blast your referral link and you will be on your way to huge discounts, or even looking at it as “free” clothes! 😉

Stitch Fix #5

What did you think of my 5th fix? I would love to hear your thoughts and if you think I made the wrong choices in items! 🙂

If you like my style and want to see what all I pin, go follow my Fashion Board and find out!

Until next time, Friends! 🙂









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