The WOD Box: March Box Overview

Since I receive Stitch Fix every month, I had been on the lookout for a monthly box for my wife. She is not picky, at all, but this was SO hard to find something for her. I didn’t want to sign up for something that she may only like 1 item. Then I came across The WOD Box. If you LOVE the gym & working out, this is JUST FOR YOU! Let me fill you in on what it is first, then I’ll get into what she received in her March box! 🙂


When I initially signed her up, I did the 3 month subscription. I didn’t want to spend the money on the 6 month if this wasn’t going to be beneficial to her. Currently, they have 3 options to sign up for. You can sign up for 1 monthly box, 3 monthly boxes, or 6 monthly boxes. They average out to be about $20 a month. Yes, you pay for them up front, but it’s not too bad! In every box you get about 6 fitness products and samples, plus 20% off anything in their store. We haven’t taken advantage of that perk yet. Products range from supplements, healthy snacks, equipment, apparel and more!  Her first box she received she was hooked and was so surprised I found something for her! I never told her! 😉

So here is what she received her in her March box!


Most of the items we have never heard of but then pull stuff out and cheer like we hit the jack pot! 😉

Accupoint Ergonomic Spine & Tissue Massager

Who doesn’t need one of these?! Especially a day or two after a kick-ass back workout! This fancy thing includes the Accupoint and a Drills Guide! It helps accelerate recovery from back pain and sports injuries, cradles the spine for corrective therapy and applies pressure for increased circulation! It is also super easy to clean and its made of foam! Goodbye tennis balls! 🙂

Coromega OMEGA-3 Orange Squeeze

This just sounds delicious! 8 single serving packets! If you take fish oil, no need with these bad boys! You just tear it open and either, squeeze directly in your mouth, onto a spoon, or add it to food or drink! As its stated on the back of the pack- No fish burps! 🙂


I know we have all heard of Quest. 2 of these lovely packets were included in this months box. 22g of protein per packet? Yes, please! Cara was super stoked to receive protein again! 🙂


As its stated on the back of the packet: “A Fuel Pack is simply pureed fruit plus 10 grams of protein, that’s it! Nothing artificial. No mysterious ingredients. Just real food.” You can enjoy these before or after a workout! Sweet!!


This is a first at seeing these. They’re very intriguing, if I say so myself. Reading the back of it just blows my mind what these things are equivalent to. One of these chews meets daily antioxidant needs, the equivalent level of 2 1/4 tomatoes, 2 1/2 cups of spinach, and 1/2 an orange. It is a dietary supplement but definitely curious to how these will taste!

Well, that’s it for the March WOD Box. If you are interested in more about The WOD Box, just visit their site here and see for yourself! Also, you should check out their Facebook page! They normally, always, have a coupon code for the month! 🙂 If you have tried The WOD Box, I would love to hear your thoughts and what all you got! 🙂







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