The Bachelor…My Why’s

I am a sucker for The Bachelor & The Bachelorette, I’ll admit. This season even more. This season I have decided to join a few friends & my wife and do the whole bracket “fantasy football” type thing but with the contestants. I have never been more into a season than this one. After watching it so intently, here a few why’s I have asked myself and thought it may be a little far fetched. Let’s hope its not and believe that this show is just magical and these people are for real! 😉

Why are the girls so pretty?!

I mean, really! I don’t think any of the contestants this season were ugly. Ugly as in, “Omg… how the hell did she even make it on the show?” That’s probably mean but lets be real. We have all said that one time or 2! All of Ben’s girls were freaking gorgeous. How about the morning he went in and woke them all up. PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL. Did they get notice ahead of time because when I wake up in the morning, I am one big, hot mess! Except Lauren H. She had her retainer in but she still looked good. Amanda woke up fully ready for her date. At 3am?! Come on!! Not to mention the girls bodies. They all prance around in their bikinis! Can we get a mom that has stretch marks all over her stomach. A girl with her muffin top hanging over her jeans. A girl in a freaking one-piece?! Honestly, a girl that has flaws other than a big mouth and just all into herself! Just look at them. Every. Single. One. They’re beautiful!

Why are they always perfectly dressed?!

Every time we see the girls, they look so freaking cute! Can we get some girls in jeans and t-shirts?! Sneakers maybe? I guess if I were to go on national television, I would go shopping asap for a bunch of clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear, but still. Maybe I’m jealous. No… I AM jealous! As I sit and watch the show in my hoodie that most likely has stains on it! LOL

Hometown dates. Why are their houses so damn big?!

Can we please see someones house, maybe, smaller?! How about someone who lives in a trailer? Anything more realistic! Caila’s dad is the CEO of Step2. Really?! How about we find someone who’s parents live paycheck to paycheck. Or maybe someone who doesn’t even have parents! All of these things just make me think a lot of this is staged. Hell, it probably is but I just refuse to believe that!

Why is Ben so nice?!

He is seriously the sweetest! How about we get someone who is a complete douche and doesn’t care about the girls at all. A guy who is so shallow and thinks he’s the best thing on this Earth. Can we find one of those guys because I know there are PLENTY! Oh wait… his name was Juan Pablo! 😉

Why is Olivia’s mouth so big?!

Ok… I’m getting a little off track but her mouth is just huge. And obnoxious!

Those are only a few of my Why’s that I ask while watching this show. Feel free to fill me in on what bothers you about this show. At least, just make me feel like I’m not the only one with these crazy, pointless thoughts! 😉 I would love to hear yours!





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