Traveling: A Love/Hate Relationship

Traveling. Ugh. I hate it so much buttttt I love where it takes me! Whether it be by car or plane, the destination is whats worth it, right?! I mean, that’s the whole point of traveling. Traveling by car doesn’t bother me too much because I’m normally not going that far away so, let me tell you what I hate about traveling by plane. Also, some tips and tricks for ya to try out! 🙂 You may or may not agree with me, but who cares!

1. Departure gate

I fucking hate airports. Simple as that! The worst thing about an airport to me is the perimerter of it. They have so many signs. Some make sense but others don’t. When you get to the airport, you just want to find where your going and get on with your trip. There are many times where you can’t get over because there are so many assholes stopping in the middle of the street! IT’S A DROP OFF ZONE… MOVE IT ALONG!! If you miss your gate, you literally have to drive all the way back around and try again. So annoying!


2. Luggage

I’m going to tell you my little tricks here! I travel far distances as often as I can, to Alaska, obvi! I hate packing. I try to take as little as possible so I only need to take a carry on. Sometimes, I pack it a little TOO much but I refuse to pay an extra $25 to check a bag! So, the last few times I still had to check a bag BUT it was free! I have a normal carry on suitcase that I got at Target. Well, apparently it’s too big for (most) overhead compartments so here’s how I do it. I pack the shit out of it. When I get through security and get to my gate is when it happens. Normally, I just sit and hang out until the announcement comes on. They announce that they’re taking “volunteers” to check their bags to their final destination, at no extra charge. It really depends on how I’m feeling. Ha! Sometimes I’ll go up and do it, other times I just wait it out until I board. I have gotten away with my carry on most of the time but lately, they have been making me check it. It’s annoying but after they make me, I think, well… it was free, I don’t have to worry about trying to quickly grab my stuff to exit the plane, AND I don’t have to worry about dragging it around with me. So, next time you’re thinking about taking a short trip and don’t want to pay the extra $, take a carry on!


3. Food

Airport food sucks. It’s rare when I actually find something I like. Most of the time, I will try and find healthy options but that’s impossible for me, because I’m really picky. Then the price. $3 for a water?! No thanks! Pack a water bottle and find a bar! They will normally fill it up with ice water! 😉 If you’re looking for fast food, you can easily find that but for 2x more than you would normally pay. It’s ridiculous. I always end up getting it because… I need to eat!! 😉



4. Price

Every time I search for flights a part of me dies. Now, let me just say that I would pay an infinite amount of money to see my kids, but it doesn’t grow on trees. I am always looking for a deal and the cheapest tickets. I’ve tried every little trick you find from google or pinterest. Some work out and others don’t. I try to remember how much I pay every time so next time I book, I have a budget of some sort. Obviously, holidays will always be the most expensive and also when you book last minute! I try to book tickets a month in advance. Then, you go and pay $500 for a flight, only to find out on the plane you only get a drink! Um, where’s my snack mix?! The last 4 times I’ve traveled I haven’t gotten any! I travel for 9-10 hours and you’re not going to give me a snack?! I get pretty hangry! So when in doubt, pack a snack because ya never know what you’ll get!

5. Temperature

I have only done this my last trip but I think it will be my go to from now on. I recently received a poncho in my 3rd Stitch Fix. If you haven’t gotten your fix, click that link! What are you waiting for?! 😉 Ok… back on track. My temperature is all over the place. I’m zooming through the airport and sweating my ass off but when I get on the plane, I freeze. So, thanks to my BFF for suggesting I wear my poncho, I did! Threw on some leggings, boots, and a 3/4 length sleeve top under it. It was seriously the PERFECT traveling outfit. It easily comes off and I can shove it in my carry on if I need to. On the plane, it works for a blanket! It was perfect and I was so glad I wore it! Thanks Stephanie! 😉 Unless, of course, you’re ok with paying MORE money for a blanket!

Isn’t it the perfect travel outfit?!


I could go on but I won’t bore you anymore! I’m taking my next trip next month so I’m sure I will have a part 2 and more things to complain/brag about! 😉 Stay tuned, but in the meantime, I want to hear why you love/hate traveling! 🙂











5 thoughts on “Traveling: A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. I love to travel but the parts I hate are definitely manmade problems. Put your carry-on above YOUR seat. Don’t put it above the first row when you’re seated in row 25 just because you don’t feel like carrying it any further. And if your family is the last to board, don’t waste our time while you announce that you wonder if anyone will switch seats so your whole family can sit together. SIT DOWN, let us DEPART, and when the seat belt sign goes off, then maybe, we can TALK about it. Lastly, the most ridiculous thing is that the first class passengers go to one side of the sign, then they switch it so us “riff raff” walk past the opposite side of the sign. Does it really matter?! Wow, Teena, I didn’t realize I was such an angry flyer! XO

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