Sunday Feature: Tanya’s

Small businesses are going to be a popular focus here at The Crooked Pinky. Β I will be featuring a wide variety of them. This week, being my first one, I figured I would pick a very important one. A small business that has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. A small business that my mom had as a dream and eventually came true. If you’re not aware of “Small Business”, let me make a long story short. If you don’t support small businesses, you should. Not only are they (mostly) family owned but those small businesses are what hard work, long hours, and dedication looks like. Owners of small businesses work many, many hours that you probably aren’t even aware of. So, with that being said… SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!

Tanya’s opened in 1997. My mom always wanted to open her own store. With the hard work between both my parents, it happened. It started out as a fabric store with specialties in alterations and custom clothing handmade by my mom. As her store grew, she saw bigger and better opportunities. Tanya’s today is a huge change from where it started. Makes me want to sing Drake’s song “Started from the bottom, now we’re here…” No? Ok… moving on. As you continue reading, remember, that this is coming from her daughter and I will try my best not to be biased. I’m here to tell you about all the awesome amentities Tanya’s has to offer. I mean, walking down a red carpet the second you walk in the door is pretty special! πŸ˜‰



This has become the main focus at Tanya’s. It’s just a few services short of your one stop shop. Your entire bridal party will be set. A huge selection of bridal gowns, an endless collection of bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, and flower girl dresses. Whatever you have in your mind (or pinterest board) for your dream wedding, you won’t be disappointed here!

When you make your appointment (highly recommended) to say yes to that perfect dress, you just made the first step to making your special day perfect! As soon as you walk in the door, you are in the best hands. The hospitality alone, is top notch! You have your own little bridal suite for your whole party to be separated from the rest of the store. They really make it so comfortable for you and super relaxed. It really is the perfect shopping experience!

While you’re picking that gorgeous dress, your groom can be picking out the mens attire. This is my dads specialty. He makes the groom and his favorite boys feel right at home. As your groom picks out his tux, beer in hand, Jay is there to help him breeze through the process. Just because they’re owners doesn’t mean they’re not there. Tanya’s is a family owned business and you will ALWAYS see their faces!


Now that you’ve gotten your dress and tuxes, it’s time to pick your besties bridesmaid dresses. When I say endless selection, I mean it. An entire wall full of dresses. You really can’t walk away without falling in love with one… or 10! So many color options to choose from, its really hard to be disappointed! Oh, and we can’t forget the special little flower girl!


Dance Plus

Another resource of Tanya’s is there dance wear selection. A small selection at the Montoursville location, which also includes some GK gymnastics leos!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Montoursville,Β most of their items can be found in Lewisburg. They have an additional store in the Street of Shops on Water Street. That’s another easy breezy experience. You walk in, grab what you want, and pay at a main cashier. That’s it! They carry popular brands in their clothing, tights, and footwear. Just remember, if you need shoes (pointe shoes, in particular) you’ll need to get them fitted. Tanya’s is the perfect place for the fitting! They’ve been doing that for 15+ years! They’re pros! πŸ˜‰


This has been the one focus of my moms that has never gone away. To have the patience to sew is unexplainable. Lets just say, I didn’t get lucky enough to have this trait! She will be ashamed to admit that I can’t even sew on a button! The talent that she has is seriously incredible! The customers she has have been coming to her ever since the day she first opened her doors. When you find what you prefer, you stick to it, and her customers are proof! She is even lucky enough to have made some friendships from customers, which I think is an added bonus! As I said earlier, that they’re the owners but they take pride of their store. They have and will always be involved! If you have questions about alterations, its best to contact them and ask. πŸ™‚


Prom dresses have come along way since I went to prom. They’re so sparkly and shiny! From short to long, to both. Tanya’s has the prettiest selection. If you want a dress that everyone will leave Prom talking about, you will find it at Tanya’s! I suppose I could give you a sneak peek but pictures really don’t do these dresses justice!


Ice Cream

This part of Tanya’s was my dads idea. He has this crazy dream of being the new cool ice cream man! πŸ˜‰ From expanding their Montoursville, PA location to include ice cream to setting up a trailer every summer for The Little League World Series. He has determination and its taking off! They first started out with selling the delicious handmade Sunset Ice Cream but they have decided to expand a little bit further. Hershey’s has now found an extra home at Tanya’s. I think he has some more stuff up his sleeve but I have to make you wait for that! πŸ™‚


Now that I got you hungry for ice cream, you should go get some! πŸ™‚

I didn’t get into specific details about everything Tanya’s offers but you can go check out their website here. You will find everything you need, including location and hours! Another tip to remember about Tanya’s and it being a small business is that when you make appointments and they’re not within their normal business hours, they’re taking time out of their normal lives to make your appointment possible. They go out of their way to put their customers first and I would hate to have them waste their time. My opinion here, but if you don’t have intentions on actually purchasing a dress and you know that before you come into the store, don’t waste their time. That’s sorta like someone saying they want to come visit you but they only come over to eat all your food and watch your tv. You went out of your way to be the best hostess to only find out that you’re not really getting anything out of it. I guess that’s part of being a small business. The good and the bad. If you have Facebook, (who doesn’t?) go check out Tanya’s! You will get updates on everything and you can even check out all their hard work, and behind the scenes they put into Wedding Expos!

I briefly covered everything but my tip for you is if you are getting married, going to prom, dance or do gymnastics, or love ice cream… Tanya’s is the place to go!








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