Stitch Fix #4

Before we hop into my 4th box from Stitch Fix, let me tell you what it actually is!

It’s the coolest thing ever!  For those of you who are too busy to shop, hate shopping, or are looking for a new style, like myself,  this may be something for you!

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  You pay a $20 styling fee upfront for a stylist to personally style for you.  I know I said “personal” a lot, because… it is!  Every box is full of 5 items that are picked just for you!  Getting started, you fill out a descriptive style profile that really gets to know you.  Bonus, you can even add your Pinterest board to your profile and your stylist can browse your favorites! 😉  When your box comes, its literally like Christmas!  It’s super exciting!  Inside, everything is nicely wrapped up for you!  It comes with 5 style cards, 1 for each item, with 2 different looks to try.  Also a, sometimes dreadful, price sheet.  My favorite part of the price sheet?! The “Buy 5 Discount”!  Average price for items is $55, which can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for!  You have 3 days to try everything on and decide what you would like to keep.  You sign into your profile online and fill out a quick checkout.  Here is where you can say if you love an item or hate it!  You can also type in a quick description of what you loved/hated about it!  Another awesome thing?!  You’re $20 styling fee?  It doesn’t go to waste!  That will be put toward your purchase, as well!  If you do have items you would like to return, they provide you with a prepaid envelope so all you need to do is throw the items in there and drop it off at the post office!  Super easy!

They also have a referral program!  For every person you refer your link to, Stitch Fix gives you a $25 credit for every referral.  So why not give it a try?!  Try it once, and go from there! 😉

Here is my referral link if you choose to hop on the fashion wagon! 😉

So, let me tell you about my 4th Fix!

I have done 3 fixes prior to this but wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with it.  My first box, I only kept 1 item.  That fix was kind of all over the place.  My 2nd fix, I kept 2 items! A super cute black 3/4 sleeve top and a scarf.  I’m very broad and when I receive items with little to no stretch, I can’t get them on.  I got on and added a note to bump me up a size if I were to get a top like that again.

Onto my 3rd Fix.  I got a stylist that really payed attention to my pinterest board!  She hit me spot on!  I kept every item in that box!  When I received an email that my 4th Fix was about to be styled and I could add an additional note, I did!  I requested to have the same stylist again!  And, I GOT HER!  She just gets me!

Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse ($68)


Paired above with a previous fix item! The Kate Boyfriend Jean!  A must!edit10


I pinned this top as soon as I saw it floating around!  The detail of it is amazing and my closet totally needed a sexy top!  When I first went to put it on I looked right at the tag.  I have my shirt size set to Medium, but like I said earlier, if there isn’t much stretch, I’m not getting in it!  Well, I couldn’t NOT TRY it on because I REALLY wanted this top! As you can see, it fits and I’M KEEPING IT! 🙂

Callie Denim Jacket ($78)


I actually requested a jean jacket!  I didn’t anticipate a light colored one, but I’m loving it!  What’s the best part about the jacket?!  IT STRETCHES!

Lawford Knit Top ($58)


I love a shirt that is flowy!  I’m not into anything that clings to me!  This is another navy striped item for my closet, and hopefully, the last!  I’ve noticed a color trend in my fixes so I will have to make an adjustment to my profile.  I pinned this exact shirt though, and Caley delivered. Again! 🙂

Klarisa Open Drape Cardigan ($88)


It has pockets!!!!!!!edit13

I love the length of the sleeve!  Also, you can see I paired it with the cape sleeve blouse from above and my Kate boyfriend jean from above!



The price is the only thing I don’t like about the sweater.  If it were at a store and I saw the price tag, I would’ve put it back but with the “Buy 5 discount”, I’m getting it for free! 🙂

Leighann T-shirt Dress ($64)


Another item I requested was a t-shirt dress.  I was envisioning a more flowy one but adding the jean jacket I got in this Fix goes perfectly with it!  This dress will also be perfect for summer time!

Merchandise Total: $356.00 (Yikes!!) Buy 5 Discount: -$89. Styling Fee Credit: -$20.

Total: $247.00

I would drop so much more $ than that if I went out and just went crazy shopping but I will relax and let Caley do my shopping for me! 😉 All of my items I keep, I can literally wear anytime/anywhere! 🙂

Now that the fun is over and you got to see all the awesome items from my 4th Fix, Go on and schedule yours! I would LOVE to see and hear all about your items you receive!!!!



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